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Reformed Church

At GCC we hold a high value for the Scriptures. We believe that God’s people are created by the Holy Spirit through the word of God. Not only is new life created by God through His word, our sanctification is only through the means of God’s word, since they are the words of the life-giving Spirit. At GCC we center everything we do on God’s word, because of our conviction that when the pulpit ministry gives direction to every aspect of the church’s life-growth happens God’s way. God’s word is what creates His church, and God’s word sustains it too. At GCC we put a great emphasis on our members hearing God’s word, their response, discussion, implementation in their lives in community, and being transformed by the word in the midst of a watching world. We hold to a high view of the sovereignty of God in every aspect of our salvation, from our election in eternity past to our future glorification.

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